Shift your

Client centricity involves more than just treating your customers right.

It’s about putting them at the heart of every decision you make.

Our workshops provide a complete shift, from product-focused to client-focused, all backed by science.

01 Design thinking

A human-centered approach to innovation that draws on a designer’s toolkit

02 Neuroscience

The study of the nervous system and brain function

03 Behavioural economics

The study of how psychological factors feature in decision making

Focus on live challenges

Our workshops are not a drill. We unpack and answer real briefs and business challenges on the day, so you and your teams can see the impact client centricity can have on your day-to-day and your bottom line.

Learn how people think

You’ll discover insights from behavioural economics and neuroscience which reveal the hidden, subliminal processes that happen behind all successful client interactions. So you’ll be able to predict behaviours.

Change how your teams behave

We walk you through evidence-based best practice guides, and borrow simple, effective and scalable tools from the world’s top client centricity practitioners to help you embed change with ease.